About Wartalo Kodit Oy

Dear applicant,

Wartalo Kodit Oy is the biggest housing company in Varkaus. We are owned by the Town of Varkaus. We have offered housing services for almost 40 years.

You can send us your application for council accommodation owned by the Wartalo Kodit Oy. Housing is available for all, to students as well as the elderly. Tenants will be selected by the housing authority and applicants are always informed about the selection in a written form. Priority is given to those with most urgent housing needs. You need to provide proof of your monthly income and your tax statement together with your application.

One month’s rent will have to be paid as a deposit to our bank account before you are given keys to the flat.

Students with a confirmed study place in Varkaus:

You can apply for a students’ apartment from Wartalo Kodit Oy by email as soon as you have a confirmed study place in Varkaus (e.g. Savonia University of Applied Sciences). You can apply by email by giving the following information:

  • name
  • address, telephone, email
  • date of birth
  • gender (M/F)
  • your study place in Varkaus: school/university, degree programme
  • date of moving in to a student’s apartment and estimated date of moving out

Send your application to vuokraus@wartalo.fi

Further information about housing and Wartalo Kodit Oy available from:

Customer Service
Wartalo Kodit Oy
Antinpuisto 8, 78250 Varkaus
telephone: +35810 4215 711
Open mon-fri 9.00 – 16.00
During summertime mon-fri klo 9.00 – 15.00


Wartalo Kodit Oy on täyden palvelun vuokrataloyhtiö
Varkaus on hyvä ja kaunis paikka asua, kaikki mitä tarvitaan hyvään asumiseen, on lähellä. Wartalo Kodit Oy on täyden palvelun
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Asukkaaksi Wartalo Kodeille Varkauteen
Miksi ei, katso lyhyt esittelymme! Monipuolinen asuntokantamme mahdollistaa asumisen oman elämäntilanteesi ja tarpeidesi mukaan. 
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Savon Koti, Savontie 68, rivitalon rakentaminen
Wartalo Kodit Oy ja Pieksämäen Ysiysi-Rakennus Oy ovat 23.8.2017 solmineet urakkasopimuksen 20 huoneistoisen rivitalon rakentamiseksi Savontielle. Rakennustyöt alkavat syyskuussa 2017
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